Brief Introduction

LUX Capital focuses on analyzing industry data from web3.0 infrastructure, protocol, tools, and applications. We uphold the prudential, professional and keen style, by linking industry resources, and empowering the primary and secondary markets, we help companies/projects with potential and practical value in the early stages to complete the transformation from 1 to ∞.


Liquidity management

LUX Capital's high-frequency trading team serves top 20 exchanges as DMM, with a monthly turnover exceeding billions of dollars. We can suggest on project market value management based on the current market stage(bull or bear). Token liquidity management between dexs or cexs is provided to improve the trading experience.

outside OTC

For more mature projects that may face a large number of unlocking and selling pressure from early investors and teams, we provide one-to-one OTC services to smoothly realize a large number of token positions, so as to avoid unnecessary large price fluctuations in exchanges.



In addition to our own funds investing in different stages of projects, we help projects accurately connect with high-quality venture capital companies, with potential accessible funds of more than billions of dollars.



We provide consulting on trading market analysis, project tokenomic model evaluation and revision, domestic marketing plan, etc.



Improve public relations of the project, introduce international/local communities with blockchain spirit, analysis report and announcement of KOLs and major media exposure.



Technology integration services, optimization of valuation model, priority launching chance, etc.

Hedge Fund


No higher than 1% of weekly maximum drawdown for all funds


Annual return exceeding 20% over the past year


Current asset under management worth over 800 million US dollars which is including more than 10,000 BTC and 300 million USDT


Total fund cumulatively managed by the team surpassing 10 billion RMB.


A professional team that has gathered more than 10 experts with prowess in mathematics, computer science and finance.


A provider of asset management and quant technologies currently serving more than 30 institutional clients.

Team background

Our members come from top hedge funds, leading Internet companies, and IT companies, who are also renowned geeks with in mathematics and computer scienc,with a solid research system and rich trading experience

cooperative partner

With rich industry experience, we have accumulated a large number of partners, including asset management funds, exchanges and quantitative institutions. Under the relationship of deep cooperation, we can effectively integrate upstream and downstream resources and empower our portfolio.